A female Dao

The Daoune (Panthera sapiens) are a bipedal, carnivorous mammalian race, inhabiting Dalisidao .

They are the only sentient race on Dalisidao, and can make fire. The daoune form hunter-gatherer societies in 17 tribes.

They are native to Dalisidao and are not found anywhere else in the world.

Daoune are covered with a thick layer of short fur. The colour ranges from dark brown to white. Daoune also have black fur marks which grow much longer fur. These fur marks appear around the neck, over the scalp, and in a triangle from the navel to the thighs. All daoune have black skin.

Daoune have four limbs, with four digits on each. Each hand has two opposable digits. The hands also have long black claws. The feet balance on the ball of the foot as this has splayed out. There are smaller claws on each toe and a skinless pad at the base. The heel is raised with unusually long hair on the back forming a 'tassel'.

They have monochromatic sight though their senses of smell and hearing are better than humans.