The Nakarisaune (Cold Mountains) is a Daoune tribe, living around the mountains. They are the closest tribe to the North Pole. Their current leader is Kita Tisuka Maika sa Nara.

There are four main Nakarisaune villages: Teraise, Nara, Rinalula and Rininisi. Teraise is the largest, though Kita Tisuki lives in Nara.

Tribe law is that if you kill another dao, the person closest to them can take any revenge they wish.

There are around 200 tribe members. The tribe healers are Lasuso, Sarano, and Erisemo. Most of the tribe are hunters.

The tribe colours are red and yellow. Their symbols are diamonds. A common weaving pattern is tesselating red and yellow dotted diamonds.

Almost all Nakarisaune members are Meraists and worship communally.