Daotase is a Daoune language spoken in the Nakarisaune tribe and regions. It uses the Renu alphabet writing system.

It is a descendant of Fenic along with Thulan and Cherichama.

Syllables are in (C)(V) or (V) form.

The letters used are (transliterated into the Latin alphabet):

a e i o u

d k l m n r s t z

The alphabet has no set order.

The grammar is verb-subject-object. The verb ending changes depending on the subject. The subject and object also decline for number and case while adjectives are declined for noun gender. The three genders are male, female and neuter.

Most Daotase words come from Fenic.

Fenician nacar (snow) -------> Daotase naka (cold)

Fenician alunibor (to like) --------> Daotase alunia (to like)

Daotase uses base eight. Numbers can be declined for gender.

1 kero

2 toro

3 miri

4 aro

5 luru

6 ruki

7 nura

8 kuti.