Dalisidao is a large island on the North Pole. It is around the size of Australia.

It is surrounded by Lulakolonu, the Chasmic Sea. There are a range of mountains, the Risaunekirune or the Trans-Dalisidao Mountains. Most of these are dormant and extinct volcanoes.

There are hundreds of ice shelves, most notably the Sarine Ice Shelf, the Nara Shelf, and the Marden B, which collapsed four years ago.

It has a wide range of flora and fauna, most of which migrate in the winter. There are lots of small mammals with a few larger carnivore mammals.

Because of the world's tilt, Dalisidao has a three month night in winter and a three month day in summer.

It is situated near Rylantis, Merpdonia, Defonica, and Cardella Reef.